“Trouvaille” means finding something beautiful by chance. A lucky find. Now that you have stumbled upon us and we are lucky enough to find you, let us take you through our story and acquaint you with the wondrous things we have in store for your brand.

As guardians of your brand’s social presence, we aim to strategize and contrive the A to Z of social media marketing, advertising and influencer marketing operations for your brand.  We believe in building a brand story that always has a happy ending.

It just took two kindred women presenting their creative minds to each other over a few coffees to build Trouvaille into what it is. Storytellers, ingenious thinkers and doers, this is who we are:

Suhani Bachan, Founder

The Meraki girl- Suhani, truly stands to her title. A one woman Army, she puts her heart and creative soul into whatever she touches. Being a part of the showbiz herself, she is in the know of all things social.  Once a  happy face in many advertisements for brands like Imagesbazaar, Reliance, Idea, Candyman Eclairs and NIIT, she can rock the talk on and off the camera. Suhani endeavors to bring the magic of Mumbai to City Beautiful and promises to create something extraordinary with her far-reaching vision.

Gurbani Buttar, Founder   

A multi-tasker by choice, Gurbani is a Lawyer and Fashion & Lifestyle connoisseur. Head-editor of a Blog and lover of social media, she manages and creates content that aspires to touch the soul of readers online. A brand’s friend and motivator, she is always in search of people and things that are unique and authentic and does not shy away from shamelessly appreciating every inch of them . An observer of intricate details, Gurbani makes sure to put all her artistic thoughts to actualities.